Join a Justice Volunteers Team

The Justice Volunteers, a project of The Justice Collaborative (TJC), is a volunteer task force dedicated to researching and taking action on a variety of key criminal justice issues. The Justice Volunteers help to hold elected officials in the criminal justice system accountable, advocate for reform-minded policies across the country, and research and amplify important local issues related to criminal justice reform.

We have three teams, described below:

Research Team

This team works to collect publicly available data on important actors, policies, and trends within our criminal justice system.

Media Amplification Team

This team works to amplify critical reporting on the justice system and justice reform work around the nation.

Action Team

This team works to take crucial actions on criminal justice reform by attending in-person events and rallies, signing petitions, targeting their elected prosecutor, and more. 

Student Team

If you’re a student and would like to apply for one of our student teams, email

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